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” -I am not allowed to put a sky dish on my house because itís in a conservation area and is a listed building but my neighbour can park his Hyundai outside. I know which i think damages the areas aesthetics more... ”

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” -I was just curious to see how many new cars are sold with a stick shift, as it seems like as we advance with car technology we are slowly shifting gears from cars with sticks, even though they are like one or two thousand dollars cheeper than an automatic. ”

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” -List several fixed and variable costs associated with owning and operating an automobile. Suppose you are considering whether to drive your car or fly 1000 miles to Florida for spring break. Which cost-fixed, variable, or both- would you take into account in making your decision? Would any implicit costs be relevent? Can you explain this? ”

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” -What are those video loop things of like a city and cars driving and everything in fast motion? Some people have them on their myspaces. If anybody knows what they are called and/or a website i can find them that would be greatly appreciated. ”

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” -A friend and I are thinking about getting into business buying and selling cars with a quick turn around rate. I need advice as to what are the best cars to buy and sell quickly and also which will make the most money. ”

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” -Im buying my first car and the highest price I can buy one for is 5500. Which car brands get the best gas mileage for that price? Ill need to purchase an older car of course because of my budget; what cars should i research? ”

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