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” -I live in Georgia. What are my rights? I was suspended without pay because I called in to work with an automobile breakdown and was not able to come into work. Can I file for unemployment based on unrightful suspension? ”

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” -Can anyone tell me, in detail, how a car works exactly, and how all the parts, engine, tires, etc, work together??? ”

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” -I know watts are a measure of work being done. How much wattage is required to move a 3000 lb automobile from a stop to 60 miles per hour. Id like to know how to calculate this myself, so please show the formula youd use to come up with the answer. Im curious to know how significant a 250W solar collector on the roof of my hybrid car would be. ”

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” -Do they fill up at the local gas station and pay with a special credit card or does the money come out of their pocket but then the station pays they back for it? And do patrol cars have larger gas tanks than an normal four-door vehicle? Thanks to all who answered. ”

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” -What are some cars that are similar to the Crossfire and are around that price range? ”

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” -i want to know how were did people wash their cars before it was automated (car wash)?? ”

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