1998 audi a4 review

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” -Hi, and thanks for looking. Im looking for one of those little cars, like the ones used especially in California, (so Im told) that are on like three wheels, kinda plain boxy looking, and usually only seat one person. Im just curious as to what kind of car that is. Direct me to a few places if you what Im talking about. Thanks again for looking. ”

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” -What is the predicted product from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen gases in an automobile engine? ”

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” -Consider pollution, gasoline use, congestion, and other problems associated in our large cities. People often demand additional roads and parking structures to handle these problems. How might these measures be self-defeating? What are other (incentive-based) policies that might be used to reduce automobile use and/or increase mass transit? ”

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” -I want to buy a car, and car makers claims lots of things about their suspension systems of their cars which I dont know anything about it, or I can not know which is better. So how can I know which suspension system is better than the other? or it does not matter? ”

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10. 11, 2010 at 4:52.

” -There is supposivly a website somewhere where I can find what car dearlers are buying the cars for from the manufactuer and how much it costs them to add on their "special features" or the "convience package" Anyone know? Thanks! ”

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” -I am 511 and the newer cars are uncomfortable for me, there just isnt enought legroom. Do you agree? What do really tall people do when they need to ride in a car? ”

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