audi a5 cabriolet muskegon

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” -I am looking to start buying and selling cars. I want them to at least run but I dont know what kind of car? I dont know what a good starting car is? I have only $2,000 to buy and fix. I am very handy when it comes to car. So I just want to know what type of car and what is a good price range also what is a good car to start with? ”

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” -This week I saw for the first time a car with three wheels and a shoe box with four wheels. Does anyone know the names of these cars? ”

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” -I was in an automobile accident in November 2006 which I was not at fault.I was hit head on by a driver running a stop sign.The next day I went to the Emergency room for shoulder pain.It was believed that I had whiplash and the pain would go away.The pain did not go away and about 2 weeks later I went back to the ER for a followup and I had Xrays done.After the Xrays an MRI was scheduled and the radiologist found that I had swollen bone marrow in my shoulder from the accident and osteoarthritis had quickly set in.Besides pain and pressure of my shoulder feeling like it was going to fall off, everytime I moved it grinded and was popping.I was sent to a bone/joint specialist and they recommended to excercise it by lifting weights to ease the pain. I went back 6 weeks later (today) for a followup and the pain has stopped but the popping/grinding has not.I will have the arthritis for the rest of my life.The insurance company wants to settle and I dont know a monetary $ value to tell them. ”

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” -Im looking for really good cars. Its more about the looks right now. Im not planning on buying a car I just need really good cars to check out. ”

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” -What kind of cars make it and whats the models? I know Audi has one, but I am lost from there. ”

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” -At what point do you need to get a dealership license to sale cars? ”

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