vw audi dsg flash of death

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audi a6 2.7t

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” -I was wondering then how much they make? I understand that if you sell cars you can make a flat fee or a percentage or a monthly salary? But that those that sell cars for lease make less? What is the difference? ”

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” -I have sims 2 nightlife and I downloaded cars to put on it. After I downloaded it I put it on my downloads folder but it wont show up though? Can someone please tell me how to put cars on the sims so I can use them? Thank you in advance. ”

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” -Im looking for a car right now. I would like a good affordable car thats 12,000 and under. I dont want a big truck or SUV i just want a normal sized car. I travel alot so i dont want a super small car i want it to be a little spacey, and have a good sized trunk. It has to have pretty good gas millage. What are some cars you recommend for me? ”

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” -a)What is the kinetic energy of an automobile with a mass of 1258 kg traveling at a speed of 10 m/s? Answer in units of J. ”

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” -Ive been told its about one rail car every second or 86,400/day. If thats true, and each car is about 50 feet long, then that means the coal we use every day would fill a train 818 miles long even if there were zero space between the cars! ”

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” -I taking him for walks but he pulls on the leash and wants to chase cars. I know herding is in his nature but I am afraid he may pull hard and break free. ”

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