2010 audi a8 specification

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” -In ireland the regs are like: 07-D-25648 (example) ”

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” -My budget is only limited for used cars, and I have no idea what to check with them when buying (like under the hood) so that I wont get "cheated" after. I dont want to be buying the car only to find something broken after a few drives. ”

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” -I mean to be the good ones by their maintenance period. Their reliability with problems in the cars. I was told that most american cars going from those years are to have huge amounts of mechanical problems. I want to purchase a car but i dont know which brand and model will be good. Does anyone can give me any detail on it???? ”

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” -A friend of mine has been through several cars in the past few years. All of them have been scrapped because the head gaskets have blown. Why would this happen every time? Is there something hes doing/not doing that makes this happen? ”

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