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2003 audi rs6 vs mercedes e55 amg

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” -So Henry Ford ( founder of Ford Cars ) said " Im going to democratize the automobile. When Im through, everyone will be able to afford one, and everyone will have one. " ( or something like that ) ”

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” -From what I know is that companies use brand new cars for crash tests. So would they fixed and sold as new or fixed and sold as used? Junkyard? ”

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” -I just saw an ad in the paper that Pittsburgh was auctioning off police cruisers and some other municipal vehicles. How much do the cop cars usually fetch at the auction? What kind of shape are they usually in? Id like to know if its worth checking out. ”

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” -Theres a lot of talk about alternative sources of energy for cars, but is it even possible to produce such a great amount of power for aircraft using any other source of energy. Have there been any proposals? ”

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” -How are you supposed to get all of the characters and their cars on multiplayer mode in Tag Team Racing? It only gives you Crash and Cortex but I want to know how to get all of the characters and all their types of cars. How can I get them? ”

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” -Im working on getting my permit and I wanna know what trucks or cars are good for first time drivers. ”

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