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dfw audi a

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” -I have a history project to do and I need to know how many cars are manufactured per day in the whole world. I looked online but I dont know which one! Please someone help me! ”

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” -Im wondering if anyone else has noticed them. I see strange cars of all different makes and models, that occasionally park in random spots along the road, or in parking lots with view to the road. They usually have a doughnut shaped design on the drivers side door, and they have no visible radar guns, or any strange antennae. What are these cars for? ”

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” -They say the best thing about it is that the only thing that comes out the exhaust is water vapour. But isnt water vapour more of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide? Doesnt it trap more heat? What would potentially be the effects of the whole planet running cars that release water vapour into the atmosphere? ”

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” -I tend to find in yahoo auto, autotrader, or automart, cars that are a year to only 3 years old with less then 30,000 miles in them that were in light accidents for less then thirteen thousand dollars or lower. Ive seen Nissan 350Zs, Infinity G-35s, BMW coupes, Benz, any car from 2005 and up that have light bumps in them. Is it worth buying them and fixing them up or is there a catch ”

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” -I know there is a limit if you are not a dealer. How many cars can you sell in california in one year? ”

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