audi a8 4.0 tdi

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” -You accept national speed limits which require you to drive like little old ladies so why do you like cars with huge, powerful, gas guzzling engines which you can only drive at half their design speed. ”

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” -I want to become an engineer but i also love cars. I was wondering i there are any specific jobs that that an engineer could have that would combine the training of an engineer and my love for cars. What are some of these jobs called if there are any? ”

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” -I need a website that shows downforce generated by cars. Even different sites that talk about specific cars is fine, but I need like ten different cars and how many pounds at what speeds. Thanks. ”

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” -A friend of mine has been through several cars in the past few years. All of them have been scrapped because the head gaskets have blown. Why would this happen every time? Is there something hes doing/not doing that makes this happen? ”

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6. 2, 2009 at 17:6.

” -Additionally, can you report people for parking those cars on your streets with it on if its left on for a few hours? ”

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