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” -I spent $2200 trimming this redwood last spring to keep him happy, but that is the nature of the tree. He parks his cars outside and when the weather is right, the tree drops little things that stain his car paint. Hes furious and I have no $ and dont know what he wants me to do. I cannot find out what I have to do legally and I want to resolve this positively. ”

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” -What are those video loop things of like a city and cars driving and everything in fast motion? Some people have them on their myspaces. If anybody knows what they are called and/or a website i can find them that would be greatly appreciated. ”

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” -I let a person use my name to purchase an automobile and his negative equity on his prior automobile cause the loan to be 45k. The car is worth 25k and the loan is still 40k. The person split and now I am stuck with a 40k loan and a car. I think I am going to call the bank to repo the automobile but what will happen to the difference. I know for a fact that I cannot pay the difference because I am a college student with no job or cash. I have learned a horrible lesson in life and is now paying for it. I need some advice on what to do. ”

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” -Suppose a car can accelerate at 1m/s2. How large a break in traffic is needed to enter a highway where cars are moving a 20m/s if the drive wants to avoid forcing the next car to slow down or to approach closer than 25m? ”

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” -I bought a Toyota Corolla 2010 in Nicaragua and the cars sold here are manufactured in Japan. I heard the recall only happened in the U.S. Should I be worried? ”

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” -How do you feel about riding a bicycle to anywhere instead of private cars,thanks a lot ! ”

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