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” -I bought a car from a lady I work with (its a 1999 Chevy Lumina), and I bought a carfax report after I bought it for fun to just see its history, and it turns out it was a rental car in Greensboro, NC for a year. Now, I will say this car is an excellent car, with no problems whatsoever, and it never has anything major (just the usual things car have like batteries or tires). In my opinion it is as dependable as a new car, and one of the best cars Ive owned. For fun, (Im really into the history of my cars), is there any possible way to see the history of my car when it was a rental? All I know was that it was in Greensboro, NC, but I dont know which company owned it. It says it was a major company is all..... Is there some type of way I can see its history? The carfax report doesnt help me, because I want to know about it WHEN it was a rental. ”

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