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2000 audi symphony stereo diagram

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” -I know alot of people who prefer foreign cars than Americans. Are they better than Americans and why? ”

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” -What are the laws about having driverless cars and remote control cars on the public roads? ”

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” -Is that how they got so good at making crappy cars while the Japanese and Germans made great cars. Is this why they are failing? ”

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” -Im trying to get information and hard numbers to take to my boss to show him why company cars would be a good idea. Currently we are all driving our own vehicles. ”

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” -I plan on buying a MINI Cooper or Honda Insight, someday (since gas prices are so high now). Both cars can hardly even be considered sports cars (except for the S model of the MINI which I am not talking about). ”

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” -I mean all together. I know most say that cars vary too much to get an absolute answer, but even an average specific to a model would be fine. Or just what was your experience when shopping for a used car in the early 80s. ”

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