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dfw audi a

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” -I know that at some point between 1994 and 2004 Mercedes-Benz went from making some of the best cars in the world to some of the worst cars in the world. I am planning on buying an old Mercedes, as they are beautiful cars (please dont tell me that I should buy something else, thats not what Im asking in this question) and I would like to know exactly what year Mercedes started making poor quality cars. Please give me a specific year, so I will know that I should buy cars made before that year. ”

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” -Hi guys........can anyone please tell me the difference between Automobile and Automotive engineering in detail........???????? ”

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9. 16, 2009 at 1:18.

” -In my apartments 20 car parking lot, 8 of the cars had dead batteries this morning. I dont know if it is possible for this to just be a coincidence or what. Maybe the parking lot is draining batteries (jk) or is there something someone can do to drain car batteries? If anyone has any sound reasons for this to be happening let me know. BTW: all the cars are different makes and models. ”

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” -A friend and I are thinking about getting into business buying and selling cars with a quick turn around rate. I need advice as to what are the best cars to buy and sell quickly and also which will make the most money. ”

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” -Any magazine or website which is recommended and that people use to advertise their used cars? ”

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” -You have 5 cars to choose from and you must choose which will come in 1st place, which will come in 2nd place and which will come in 3rd place. How many possible combinations can be made? What are your odds of picking the correct combination? ”

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