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” -How would you clean an automobile engine? I heard an Engine degreaser works well, but is it safe and can it cause any damage to the engine. Is it safe to spray water over the engine? Thanks everyone for your responses. ”

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” -My daughter is 18 and drives a 1999 Chevy Tahoe. My son will be turning 16 soon and will be needing a car. We are thinking about trading in the Tahoe and buying two smaller cars. If we buy both cars from the same dealer are we likely to get a price cut? Any tips about how to go about doing this? ”

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” -has anyone seen the new go smart cars? i dont like them. to me it looks like a car that got cut in half. my mom wants to buy one for me. wat do u think of them? ”

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” -I came across some pretty fantastic cars at Japanese auctions but sadly they were out of stock. BTW, how do you find out the quality of cars at used car auctions? ”

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” -Supposedly the Nationwide cars that the teams now have will slowly be sold off to ARCA series teams. How much of a difference is there between the 2 cars? ”

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