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2010 audi a4 2.0t specifications

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” -My 5 year old has MANY Hotwheels cars, and he was sorting through them today and noticed that a handful of very different cars (and even a helicopter) have versions of this same skeleton face. Does this mean anything (a particular car group maybe?) or is it just coincidence? ”

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” -what cars currently give you the best milage for the least money at the pump? ”

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” -I watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and heard a presentation about electric cars. They seem like really great cars but the only ones that are available are low speed cars (max speed of 35 mph), right? ”

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” -I see some TV shows from the 1970s and 80s where Police cars didnt have that "cage" protection between the front to back seat. When was that implemented? ”

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” -Cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other high-end brands, all come with engines that can easily do 100+mph. But nowhere in America will you find a speed limit of 100mph, so why is it legal to buy and sell cars that can go that fast? ”

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