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” -I sold my vehicle via eBay to a Mexican citizen who does not have US driver lic.k. and address is of his relative living in US. ”

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” -Suppose an automobile has 2100 J of kinetic energy. When it moves at three times the speed what will be its kinetic energy? ”

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” -I plan on buying a MINI Cooper or Honda Insight, someday (since gas prices are so high now). Both cars can hardly even be considered sports cars (except for the S model of the MINI which I am not talking about). ”

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” -I heard they were the same cars, but isnt the body style the different. ”

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” -im tryna find some cars that get good mileage and is affordable. ”

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” -What car company has an all silver logo on its cars that sort of looks like a diamond,besides Maybech? ”

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