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” -Are there any negative side effect from removing the hood insulator from the underside of your cars hood. Mine seems to be deteriorating. ”

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” -My sister and I will be getting our License this summer. We are planning on getting a car, but what cars would be good? We have driven our moms small/medium BMW and our Dads pick up truck (we both prefer driving the BMW). We both prefer smaller/medium size cars, but one of us prefers more of a medium size. We want our car to look good, drive well, and be safe. It can not be expensive, good gas mileage, and kind of roomy. Thanks! Please state what car and maybe why. ”

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” -I bought a Toyota Corolla 2010 in Nicaragua and the cars sold here are manufactured in Japan. I heard the recall only happened in the U.S. Should I be worried? ”

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” -The garbage really smells and its like right next to our cars. When people throw big things away like couches and old bbq grills it is so easy for that stuff to hit our cars. Are the managers violating some kind of violation code? Shouldnt the garbages have to be in their own seperate area? How do I find out this information so I can take it to my apartment office and force them to move them nasty garbages? ”

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” -Im doing a research project for my english class on the impact of the automobile and the internal combustion engine, but there seems to be nothing out there that I can salvage and use as a reference. What are the good and the bad things about having so many cars on the road today and how does the engine influence our way of life? ”

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” -How does an automobile battery work to produce electricity, and how is the battery kept charged? ”

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