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” -In ireland the regs are like: 07-D-25648 (example) ”

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” -Well I want my car to sound like one of those muscle cars that have a REALLY Loud sound but when its just sitting there it has a noise that rumbles but it sounds like it is barely running. ”

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” -Are there any good books out there that can start a feller on understanding the basics of automobile repair. Nothing to fancy just stuff a person can grasp and learn some new stuff on. ”

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” -I am turning 25, and decided to buy a car for my birthday coming up. I am thinking a used car, about 1-3 years old, and I have $30k to spend, currently I am planning on checking out these cars, but if anyone has suggestions to look others, tell me. ”

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” -I have traded 3 cars this year for my family and I need to purchase another but dnt wnt to get in trouble, im not a dealer, but I have had to sell a couple this year already. ”

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” -Whats the point of changing gears when you dont need to? Having two hands on the wheel is safer than one... ”

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