2003 audi a4 tiptronic

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” -Ive been looking at some and they are really nice cars for like $1500. Is it viable and legit to buy seized cars? Whats the catch? What should I avoid or be cautious of? ”

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” -With gas going for over $1.30 a Liter in most parts do you think that SUVs, Muscle cars and big trucks will be the thing of the past? ”

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” -My sheltie puppy (Shetland Sheepdog) is extremely scared of cars, only when we are on walks... He tries to run away and he freaks out. If I hold him he headbutts me and Im afraid Ill drop him. Do you have any tips? ”

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” -The new street racing law in Ontario, Canada gives the authorities the right to seize these cars and crush them if they cant be brought back to road legal condition. ”

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” -i want to know how were did people wash their cars before it was automated (car wash)?? ”

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” -Cars with good gas mileage, wnad what is their stricker price used and new ? names so I can just look them up on kelly blue book value ? ”

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